Teeqo breaks silence right after FaZe Clan suspension for crypto scam: “I never ever labored on this coin”

Teeqo discovered more about his facet of the ‘Save the Kids’ “pump and dump” drama that received him suspended from FaZe Clan together with Jarvis and Nikan (whilst Kay was outright eradicated from the org).

As the episode with the ‘Save the Kids’ crypto allegations unfolded, Teeqo was in Sweden shelling out time with liked ones and expressed frustrations of how the condition embroiled him with out his side of the tale.

“I experience like I by no means bought dealt with as an particular person who designed his personal decision. I just bought lumped up with every little thing else,” Teeqo said. “I haven’t even obtained to say something. You have not even read my tale.”

He discovered his uncertainty of continuing with articles creation, but the circumstance had reached a level exactly where he could not steer clear of touching on it.

Teeqo taken care of that he under no circumstances invested in the crypto with the intention of pulling out, and stated exactly where he stood as the ‘Save the Kids’ coin launched.

“I even got loathe for deleting my tweets,” Teeqo reported. “The only rationale I deleted the tweets, virtually within 15-20 mins of the coin staying up, was simply because I did not want persons to acquire in and perhaps eliminate dollars.

“Clearly [the coin] was crashing. I was watching the chart when it went are living, purchased in more after it was stay, and it crashed in front of my f**kin’ eyes. And I shut my notebook.”

The Swedish YouTuber also said he never worked on the coin in its inception and was drawn into the endeavor for its charitable element. He tied his title and confront to the coin by means of advertising, and got strike with the consequences the moment it arrived to a head.

“If I had any intentions to even choose my have f**king money out, I would have completed it,” Teeqo stated. “I could have almost certainly saved a majority of my possess investments even a 7 days after… I shed my total f**king everyday living over this.”

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Teeqo was among FaZe Clan associates and Ricegum who promoted the ‘Save the Kids’ crypto token.

There is a sensible possibility of jail time for anybody who tried charity fraud about the ‘Save the Kids’ coin, in accordance to legal professionals. Teeqo maintains that that was not what he signed up for.

Teeqo is nevertheless suspended from FaZe Clan in the fallout of the ‘pump and dump’ accusations, as most of the influencers included have however to speak on the subject.

“I’ve been in FaZe for a ten years,” he mentioned. “I’m not expressing I’m their largest member, I’m not indicating I’m the best member, I’m not stating I’ve finished the most. But I’ve constantly f**king performed suitable.

“Yes I need to have never ever been a aspect of this. Certainly, it was a oversight. Indeed, that’s on me, I’m not denying that. But I did not f**king do it. I did not f**king do it.”

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