Use Conversion Rate Optimization to Turn Your Traffic Into Leads and Sales

What is Conversion rate optimization (CRO)? Conversion rate optimization is for people who want to turn the traffic that their website already gets into leads and sales. The way this is achieved is by looking at various elements on the page – text, images, offers etc – and seeing which combination of those elements results in the most conversions. By testing hundreds of combinations, you’re data mining for the optimum converting page.

Every page has some text, graphical elements and perhaps offers, that contribute towards a conversion (i.e. your visitor turns into a lead or a customer). In order to find out which elements are working, you need to do a lot of testing. You need to test the combination of elements that gets the best conversion. Ideally you’ll have a decent amount of traffic already so that it’s possible to test hundreds of combinations and get a decent level of data from which to draw conclusions.

A specialist SEO company can help you to set up this testing – which will involve the use of conversion rate optimization tools. These tools allow you to create many combinations of elements on your page and then collect data on which ones are working best. By testing hundreds of combinations on your visitors, you’ll quickly get a picture of what elements are having the most positive effect, and which are detrimental. Using this analysis you can adjust the page to provide the ultimate converting version to all future website visitors.

Do you need an SEO company to help with this? Whilst there are tools that allow you to do some of the work yourself, the benefit of using a specialist SEO company is that, with the benefit of their experience, they can advise you on what to test, which can be the hardest part of effective CRO. SEO experts can also assist you with the results, ensuring you reach the right conclusions and choose the optimum versions.

If you don’t already have a good amount of traffic, there’s nothing to stop you having conversion rate optimization set up on your site – it just might take a little longer to get sufficient data to draw any decent conclusions.

Conversion rate optimization – it’s about getting more leads and sales. Ready to turn your site into a conversion powerhouse? Get in touch with a specialist SEO company who are experienced in conversion rate optimization and can help you set up this valuable tool to boost your leads and sales faster than any SEO campaign could!

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